v0.54 - June 2022 Update

New Features

  • Mining Rig: New base module that uses a lot of power, but will continually harvest ore and other resources automatically.
  • Brought back Refined Scrap. Recycler now deconstructs items as well as converting Refined Scrap into Metal.
  • Garden Patch and Greenhouse now sparkle/animate when they're finished growing instead of [!] icon.
  • Load-Game menu overhaul: In details view, the most recent save is always first, even if it's an auto-save. Hovering over older save revisions will also show you the screenshot for where you were.
  • You can now right-click on the Map to place a waypoint marker that appears on the HUD radar.
  • Radioactive rocks now glow in the dark.
  • Added a button to deconstruct a rocket at a local launchpad, and you can also now deconstruct rockets at remote launchpads in the Destinations list.
  • Seed Bar crafting recipe now requires just 2x normal Seeds instead of also needing Root Seeds.
  • Popup animation polish.
  • Made Launchpad placement more forgiving, and fixed issue where it could be built on top of other tiles/resources.
  • Right-click to consume certain items from a storage containers without having to move it to your inventory first.
  • Different item-pickup notification text while driving Dozer.
  • Added Finnish translation, plus general localization updates.
  • Game now uses libGDX 1.11.0 (better M1 Mac support).

Bug Fixes

  • Fire Geysers no longer show up as "Tile" on the map.
  • Fixed issue where player couldn't attack creatures if standing too close to them.
  • Hid the saves folder button on the Load Game screen for systems that don't support it.
  • Fixed a mistake where Indoor Workbench was consuming base water.
  • Fixed issue where the [!] icon would remain over a Powered Water Collector tile after it was deconstructed.
  • Fixed how Lightning damage is calculated. Made the warning glows larger to better reflect their damage radius.
  • Fixed a mistake with the rate at which Water Collectors make water.
  • Fixed the initial state of the day/night clock icon after loading a game.
  • Fixed issue where the Rocket could be flown without being fueled.
  • Fixed issue where Solar Panels would blink the "no-power" icon on them.
  • Added a null-check for footprints to prevent a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when reducing tool durability.
  • itch.io Windows version should now auto-install the VC++ 2010 Redistributable when you install the game via the Itch desktop app.
  • Fixed issue when Mining Rig is under-powered and would glitch on and off quickly
  • Fixed issue where Mining Rig wouldn't save its mining progress.
  • Fixed issue Auto-Crafter job UI text issue.

Known Issues

  • Erratic vehicle physics when v-sync is turned off.
  • Player's harvest animation sometimes won't play.
  • Windows: Playing fullscreen and using alt-tab will prevent the in-game console (F1) from working.

Thanks to everyone that has helped report bugs, either by sending me crashlogs or posting them on the Discord server!


mewnbase-win64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.54 Jun 14, 2022
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 82 MB
Version 0.54 Jun 14, 2022
mewnbase-linux64.zip 88 MB
Version 0.54 Jun 14, 2022

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Options menu bugs in 0.54 (Windows)

• After applying a different language and leaving the language selection menu, all buttons/menus disappear. Then after pressing any key they reappear. Switching between different menus will apply the new language at least to the options menus without restarting.

• After switching to Hi-Res mode, leaving and immediately returning to the options menus (i.e. without restarting) will result in the menus not fitting to the screen anymore.

Thanks for the report!  Don't think I've seen that first issue before, but the second one I definitely have.  Will look into it.

(1 edit)

Unfortunately the game freezes as soon as I click "Load" on intel macbook pro in version 0.54. Was working fine in the previous version

Oy, sorry to hear that - can you see if there's any crashlog .txt files in the game's folder?  (might be inside the .app package here:  MewnBase.app/Contents/Resources - can't remember exactly where they end up on macOS)

Just released an update to fix this problem https://cairn4.itch.io/mewnbase/devlog/394524/v0541-hotfix

Tested on M1 Max, the app is still Intel but it works great, I was able to play a full game without any crash. I love the new mechanic were I need to build my own rocket, it adds some kind of end game goal apart from just surviving.

Some thing get a bit tedious at time, for example smelting iron sheets. Maybe you shouldn't need as many. But perhaps it's just because I've already played this game too much, it didn't bother me during my first plays.

In any case, I think that your game is great and I'm happy that you're still supporting us Mac user - it's one of the few games that I can play with my kids. Multiplay would be incredible but I know that it's a crazy amount of work, I'm already happy with the game as-is.

Thank you and have a nice day.