v0.55 - November Update

New Features and Changes

  • New item: Rock Pile made from a stack of 20 Rocks, can be placed on ground.
  • Gates now look nicer when placed in a row or column next to each other. Opening/closing one will automatically toggle any adjacent gates.
  • Tools like the Shovel and Axe now only break after a resource tile is finished being collected.
  • New Tech: Air Seals - air leaks happen less often.
  • New Tech: Save Water - Greenhouses use 25% less water when growing plants.
  • Added button tooltips and text to the Map UI that says how to place waypoints.
  • No longer need Crystal Tech researched in order to craft the Advanced Fabricator.
  • Pause menu now has separate buttons for saving and quitting.
  • Added HUD message when trying to collect food from a Green House with full inventory.
  • Added HUD message when tool breaks.
  • Main Menu and Pause Menu background animations.
  • Research Popup now highlights Artifacts in your inventory.
  • Map UI: added tool-tips, and text indicating how to place waypoints.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the player tile-interact animations sometimes wouldn't play.
  • Making sure clicking a habitat module prioritizes fixing air leaks before opening up any menus etc.
  • Fixed issue with Fire Crab that was causing the whole screen to tint red.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Crab smash-attack would turn the whole screen red.
  • Fixed issue with menu scaling after toggling HD mode on/off in the Setting menu
  • Fixed issue where sometimes footstep sound FX would stop working.
  • Fixed issue where some habitat-modules wouldn't show the correct floor color after saving and loading a game.
  • Fixed Launchpad list menu thumbnails to not be upside down.
  • Fixed Refined Scrap to require Recycling tech.
  • Fixed bug with consuming items from your inventory via Storage UI popup.
  • Fixed issue where Crystal Lamp would play the paint-splat sound effect.
  • Fixed bug where scroll zoom stops working on the map UI.
  • Swapped Vehicle Trailer input so that Left-Click opens the trailer storage, and Right-Click attaches/detaches it from a vehicle.
  • Re-added the Mission Complete badges to the Load Game menu list view.
  • Fixed some world-UI layering.
  • Fixed issues with the Crafting menu build-queue.
  • Fixed bug where music wouldn't restart after returning to the main menu.
  • Fixing typos, added more missing strings to the localization files.

Known Issues

  • Lag on some machines while walking around inside a base
  • Erratic vehicle physics when v-sync is turned off.
  • Windows: Playing fullscreen and using alt-tab will prevent the in-game console (F1) from working.

Thanks to everyone that has helped report bugs, either by sending me crashlogs or posting them on the Discord server!


mewnbase-win64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.55 Nov 12, 2022
mewnbase-linux64.zip 88 MB
Version 0.55 Nov 12, 2022
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 82 MB
Version 0.55 Nov 12, 2022

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awesome update and changelog. keep up the good work.


Congratulations! Another release. This is wonderful. Is there still no ability to trash things? Gets frustrating not being able to clean. Would love to see that in the future!

leave items loose on the surface and wait for a windstorm to clean up 👍

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