v0.54.2 Hotfix

  • Fixed a source of lag that was most noticeable when walking around inside habitat modules.
  • Turned off debug rectangles in the Launchpad destination popup.
  • Fixed an issue with the new popup animations where closing a nested popup could result in a blank screen.


mewnbase-win64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.54.2 Jun 20, 2022
mewnbase-linux64.zip 88 MB
Version 0.54.2 Jun 20, 2022
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 82 MB
Version 0.54.2 Jun 20, 2022

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пж умоляю в 0.55 добавте другие планеты чтобы на них можно было выживать а то так не интересно чпок и все