v0.49.1 Hotfix

Small update to address some recently found issues:

  • Fixed new issue where base modules wouldn't begin construction.
  • Fixed shift-click behavior with buggie trailer to be consistent with normal storage UI.
  • Fixed issue with Rain Collector "ready" icon.
  • Can now press Esc to close the What's New popup.

Thanks to everyone that has helped report bugs, either by sending me crashlogs or posting them on the Discord server!


mewnbase-win64.zip 74 MB
Version 0.49.1 Jan 07, 2020
mewnbase-linux64.zip 77 MB
Version 0.49.1 Jan 07, 2020
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 71 MB
Version 0.49.1 Jan 07, 2020

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Hi! I'm varda, pleased to meet you. I have press access (thanks!) and I'm planing to make a video por my Youtubechanel (in Spanish). I have some lists of the Spanish version to give to you, also some crash reports but for the previous version I guess. I love the game! I just want to say thanks. I'll pass soon to your discord server for the logs and suggestions. Thanks!