MewnBase v0.35


It's been wayyyyy too long since the last update. Sorry about that. Been really trying recently to just get it stable enough to get out the door for everyone to play.  I definitely need to post updated builds more often (and that are smaller in scope).

There's a bunch of changes to the way things work behind the scenes, as well as a lot of new items and features... and that means there's definitely going to be some new bugs in there that I just haven't seen yet, so bear with me :)  

Major updates:

  • Added Repair Drone that will automatically help fix nearby air leaks and dirty solar panels.
  • Added "fruit" consumable that is dropped by the orange trees. Regrows over time.
  • Added plant that drops "root" vegetables. Used with water to make stew.
  • Added "Hearty Meal" food craftable.
  • Added power switch.
  • Added Comms Tower base module (will broadcast its position on your map even if very far away).

Other changes:

  • Added an app icon for Windows executables (finally).
  • Changed the way chunks are loaded and unloaded. Which should fix some issues with large bases.
  • Lots of updates to the minimap and how it's cached and drawn... more on this below...
  • Minimap now shows more of the world. 9x9 instead of 7x7 chunks.
  • Rebalanced the crafting recipes for most base modules that you can walk inside of. Example: Air Cleaner now requires Habitat Module + Component + Electronics.
  • Adjusted power consumption of several of the base modules.
  • Fixed an issue where some tiles that you can walk on, would still prevent you from exiting the buggie.
  • Lots of little performance fixes, plugging memory leaks. Particle effect loading. Object pooling.
  • Fixed some issues where the custom keyboard mappings weren't saving properly.
  • Wider flashlight cone.
  • Player hunger now takes longer to go from "Full" to "Starving".
  • Added sound fx and music volume sliders to the Options menu.
  • Added some new minor sound fx here and there.
  • Red "Low health" border effect is visible, even if your suit power is off.
  • Camera zoom animation when entering / exiting a buggie (so you can see a bit father when driving).
  • Cleaned up the in-game mouse cursor sprites.

Known bugs and potential issues

  • The minimap popup is *super* slow to bring up on some machines (especially when a lot of world-chunks have been updated since the last time it was opened). This is currently at the top of my list of things to try and fix.
  • Visible seams between ground tiles.
  • There may be some other crash issues with the minimap that I've had a hard time reproducing.
  • Turning "off" the Power Switch currently works the same as removing a conduit between two base modules.  Will also cut off the transfer of any oxygen and water between two bases. Not ideal, but still useful for now.
  • Repair Drone always goes back to it's home base before immediately going to the next thing to fix. Will make them smarter in the future.
  • Some newer items won't have their localized text updated yet.

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Version 0.35 May 23, 2017 55 MB
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Version 0.35 May 23, 2017 [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 71 MB
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Version 0.35 May 23, 2017

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how you have done the repair drone finally.

You need to build the Repair Drone Base at the Workbench (scroll down to the bottom of the item grid).

Must you start a new game for the changes to take affect?


If you're continuing a previous saved game, you'd need to walk to a previously-unexplored area of the world for the new plant to start showing up. The rest of the new base modules and craftables should be available regardless if you start a new game or continue an old game.