v0.50.2 Hotfix

Small update that addresses a few bugs found since the 0.50 release:

  • Fixed issue where toggling window/fullscreen would always disable vsync.
  • Fixed issue with the construction-caution-line overlay when placing Wind Turbines.
  • Fixed crash on player death
  • Fixed bug where player would walk backwards after clicking a tile while walking past it.
  • Fixed incorrect item-collected HUD message after collecting multiple things at a Workbench etc at once.

Thank you to everyone that's help by sending me bug reports and crashlogs :)


mewnbase-win64.zip 70 MB
Version 0.50.2 96 days ago
mewnbase-linux64.zip 73 MB
Version 0.50.2 96 days ago
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 67 MB
Version 0.50.2 96 days ago

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