v0.51 build 4 (Unstable / Testing)

Another build for testing out new features for v0.51 - including:

  • The Auto-Crafter bot (and some new fixes for it so that it can collect seeds from Greenhouses).
  • Ability to queue up crafting items even when your inventory is full.
  • Drop items by dragging them up off the inventory bar.
  • Vehicle trailer physics improvements.
  • New tooltip for explaining how to recharge and repair vehicles.
  • Fixing bugs with items that aren't supposed to stack when crafted (oxygen tanks).
  • Trying out a different .jar app wrapper for making native executables.


mewnbase-win-unstable.zip 82 MB
Version 0.51 Jul 03, 2020
mewnbase-linux-unstable.zip 85 MB
Version 0.51 Jul 03, 2020
mewnbase-osx-unstable.zip 79 MB
Version 0.51 Jul 03, 2020

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what do the living quarters do 

Eventually, a bed for NPCs.  But wasn't supposed in the 0.52 release haha


I would love some more decorative type bits, like doors/bulkheads, flowers (I don't need a flower pot because the farming module already looks awesome), a sofa or a cat bed where you could sleep. Overall, the game is awesome, keep it up :)

Thank you. It now works just fine on MacOS Catalina.


there should be some sort of drill moduale cause i keep going father and farther just to collect ore

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I have many new ideas for your game development.Some are them are below

1. There should be cave like structure where we find coal and diamonds. Coal can be used for generators and diamonds for drilling purposes.

2. There be a water pond where we can use the water by filtration unit. The can water can also be pumped to the base using a pump unit via pipes.

3. There should be a new unit so it can be attached to the hover to dig or to created an artificial pond.

4. New material should be added like copper, quartz, titanium, etc. Quartz for making solar panels.

I feel happy if you like my ideas

My Channel: Youtube.com/ghostygamer