v0.35.1 - Minimap fixes

With the 0.35 update, I tried to make the minimap a bit overly complicated in the way it drew each chunk, and cached the minimap textures to disk (so that theoretically, it would have less to "redraw" each time you open the map popup). Yeah... not so much.

The problem was that this ended up being SUPER slow on most machines, even ones with SSDs. Sometimes taking as long as 17 seconds for larger worlds.

So I came up with a quick solution that both works with the new world-chunk system and also draws the minimap significantly faster (usually less than a second). Muuuch better!

Let me know if you think you've encountered any new minimap bugs/crashes after updating.

Other minor tweak to this update: was making the game-save-updater automatically remove some old, obsolete tiles (Craters that had collision) from really old saved worlds so that they can still be loaded in the latest update.  I tested this with a saved world as far back as v0.28.

That's all for now!  - Steve


mewnbase-win.zip (59 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago
mewnbase-win32.zip (55 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago
mewnbase-linux.zip (60 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago
mewnbase-linux32.zip (60 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago
mewnbase-osx.zip (59 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago
mewnbase-java.zip (18 MB)
Version 0.35.1 146 days ago

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