v0.52 (unstable) - Creatures & Vehicle Tools

There's a new set of builds up that are marked "unstable" to test out features for v0.52!

  • It adds the first of the new creatures to the game!
  • Adds a Vehicle Repair Kit (repairs vehicle damage) - consumed on use, 1-per item stack.
  • Adds a Battery Jumper item - that will add 50% charge to a vehicle, or fully recharge your suit power - also consumed on use, 1-per item stack.
  • Added a gate to go along with the metal walls.


mewnbase-win-unstable.zip 85 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 22, 2021
mewnbase-linux-unstable.zip 88 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 22, 2021
mewnbase-osx-unstable.zip 82 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 22, 2021

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When I copy a savegame from the previous version (0.51) with 245 days, it shows up as 33 days in the newest version. I hope this can be fixed! Thanks for this cool game!

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If I only have the steam version, can I somehow download the new version 0.52?

Just started running the update.  The crabboids scared the heck out of me the first time, I'm used to being alone on the Mewn!  Works fine on Linux.  Graphics/scrolling seems to run a little smoother than 0.51.2.  Thanks for the update!

Fantastic update, and works great on MacOS too.