v0.52.2 Hotfix (Auto-Crafter, Item pickups)

Small update that addresses a few bugs found since the last release...

  • Fixed issue where Auto-Crafter would duplicate job orders after reloading a saved game.
  • Can now use the Dozer to harvest Dead Trees.
  • Dozer now displays HUD notifications for harvesting items.
  • Fixed issue where collecting multiple items would still say just "+1 Item" on the HUD notification.


mewnbase-win64.zip 82 MB
Version 0.52.2 May 25, 2021
mewnbase-linux64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.52.2 May 25, 2021
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 79 MB
Version 0.52.2 May 25, 2021

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good game

Игра хорошая, прикольная, но не хватает мультиплэера

I think there's a problem, there's no hyperlink in Files

Hmm, no hyperlink to where / what?

Spacesuit mk3?


Are there any plans to add abandoned space bases left over from past expeditions to the game?

Possibly, or stone ruins with loot. 


Thanks for the hard work.

Just checked the new version, all fixes seem to work fine.

Items collected show correct numbers, be it by hand or in a dozer.

Auto-crafter does not duplicate jobs anymore. Success! It still shows multiple "possible recipes to add" when multiple identical modules (2 smelters etc.) are connected, but that's a small issue compared.

Thanks again.

Never noticed that multiple recipe thing!  Thanks for calling it out :)