Hotfix v0.42.2

Attempts to fix a few user-report issues in 0.42:

  • Some keyboards and usb devices get incorrectly detected as a "controller" - disabled controller usage by default, since it's still a work-in-progress, if you want to try out controller movement in-game, you can change the line "USER_CONTROLLER: false" to "true" in settings.json.
  • Fixed some issues where the keyboard mapping for the Research popup wasn't saving if you tried changing it, fixed a crash if you tried resetting to the default controls.
  • Added some safety measures to prevent an index-out-of-bounds crash related to the Comms Towers and waypoint indicators.
  • Made sure the Construction Yard UI popup says "Construction Yard" instead of "Workbench"
  • Fixed year on build date, since it's been 2018 for a while now.

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Version 0.42.2 18 days ago 62 MB
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Version 0.42.2 18 days ago

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