v0.42.4 - macOS and other bug fixes

A small update to hopefully fix some player-reported issues.

  • Some fixes to the macOS build process to hopefully address the game crashing on launch. It will sometimes still silently crash the very first time the new .app is started, but then after seems to work fine on subsequent starts.  macOS gatekeeper is also still a headache.
  • Temporarily disabled the crash-popups, but crashes (and their cause) should still output to a log file in your game folder that you can send me.
  • Garage updates its base group when it finishes building. Should be visibly attached to conduits.
  • Water spigot pickup progress bar properly resets when you stop release the right mouse button before it's finished.
  • Research Lab timer starts at "2:00" instead of "1:60"
  • Fixed issue with the flood light casting weird shadows. 
  • Renamed the downloads win -> win64 and linux -> linux64 to make it extra clear that they're for a 64-bit OS.
  • Misc cleanup.

Thanks to folks over in the MewnBase Discord channel for helping report some of these bugs!


mewnbase-win64.zip 74 MB
Version 0.42.4 Apr 02, 2018
mewnbase-linux64.zip 77 MB
Version 0.42.4 Apr 02, 2018
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 71 MB
Version 0.42.4 Apr 02, 2018
mewnbase-java.zip 25 MB
Version 0.42.4 Apr 02, 2018

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