v0.53 - Creatures and Rocketry Update

New Features

  • More hostile creatures: Slug, Fire Slug, and Fire Crab.
  • New Volcanic biomes that increase in frequency as you travel farther away from the Lander.
  • To finish a mission, you now construct a Launch Pad and build a Rocket to blast-off in!
  • The Rocket can also be used for fast-travel between distant Launch Pads.
  • New Paintbrush tool: Customize the color of your habitat modules and vehicles.
  • Recycler now breaks down most crafted items into their base ingredient parts. Removed ability to smelt Refined Scrap.
  • More resources: Resin, Radioactive Rock tile, Purrtainium Ore, Shiny Crystal, Creature Guts.
  • Even more items!: Pickaxe, Gasket, Cooked Creature Guts.
  • More base modules: a new indoor version of the Workbench, Crystal Lamp, Advanced Fabricator, Fuel Refinery, and Fuel Tank.
  • Added more habitat floor variations.
  • More item-crafters now have a sound effect for when they finish making something.
  • Wind turbines now can get damaged from high wind speeds -> easily repaired like solar panels etc.
  • Dozer now drives more like a tank (can turn in place). Minor changes to its collision shape.
  • Buggie and Dozer now show up on the HUD radar when nearby.
  • Repair Drone now has a sleep animation to help distinguish being idle versus not having power.
  • Cargo crates at the beginning of the game are now visible on the HUD radar.
  • Wood Sign icons are now displayed on the map.
  • Hovering mouse over a Base Stats meter now shows a tooltip showing the amount of that resource being generated and consumed by the base.
  • Base Stats for stored Water and Rocket Fuel now only appear after researching those tech upgrades.
  • Item stacks placed on the ground now have quantity labels on them.

Balance Updates

  • Item stack limits! Sorry / not sorry :)
  • Water Supply now holds 600 water (was 200).
  • Bases now have a power prioritization order to make sure modules like the Air Cleaner stay on longer.
  • Small rock piles are now able to be picked up without a shovel.
  • Metal beams are now made from metal plates instead of ore, and are crafted faster.
  • Limited Plants to only drop up to 2 of themselves instead of 3.
  • Plants, Root Plants, and Blueshrooms now also have a chance to drop Resin.
  • Reduced the hunger gained by eating Plant Slop.
  • Plants in Garden Patch and Greenhouse now take about 2 days to grow from seed to harvest, and now have a chance to drop multiple/different bonus items.
  • Updated way in which air leaks consume oxygen.
  • Trees and Dead Trees now drop more wood when chopped down.
  • Dozer can no longer tow a trailer, but its trunk now holds 9 item stacks instead of just 6.
  • Dozer now recharges much faster when parked on top of a Garage.
  • Adjusted some crafting recipes.
  • Slightly longer mission lengths.

Misc Updates

  • Renamed "Light" module to "Work Light".
  • Added text info to the console log about how to close it.

Bug Fixes

  • Major performance improvements for large worlds.
  • Added more checks to prevent corrupted saved-game screenshots from causing crashes.
  • Fixed an old but major bug with terrain generation and negative chunk/tile coordinates
  • Fixed issue with multiple recipes showing up in Auto-Crafters when multiple crafting stations are next to them.
  • Vehicle-repair notifications weren't setup to be localized.
  • Rocket countdown text has been setup to be localized.
  • Fixed bug where there was a chance of crash when starting new worlds.
  • Fixed save/load bug where tool durability wasn't being preserved.
  • Fixed visual bug with Water Spigot conduit art.
  • Fixed issue with base disaster notifications.
  • Fixed bug with HUD notifications cutting off last letter.
  • Fixed issue with wood signs showing up with broken item icons on them.

Known Issues

  • Erratic vehicle physics when v-sync is turned off.
  • Player's harvest animation sometimes won't play.

Thanks to everyone that has helped report bugs, either by sending me crashlogs or posting them on the Discord server!


mewnbase-win64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.53 Feb 16, 2022
mewnbase-linux64.zip 88 MB
Version 0.53 Feb 16, 2022
mewnbase-osx.zip [Warning: has launch-crash issues] 82 MB
Version 0.53 Feb 16, 2022

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I was starting to think this was dead in the water. love the game, happy to see progress!

Why did you get rid of refined scrap??  Now we're back to the original issue of too much scrap at the end game? :(


Amazing game, great discord community!


Great to see the development is continuing, what a cute and fun game! 😃


Best update so far. Thank you!