Experimental builds, and other PSAs

Hey everybody!

First of all, a big hello to all the new MewnBase players from this past month! August was one of the most successful months the game has ever had in sales. But with lots of new players, come lots of new bug reports :)

While bugs and crashes are always frustrating, a big Thank You to everyone that has helped me out by reporting them and sending me log files. And thanks for continuing to bear with me as I attempt to fix them.

Experimental Builds

I've added a couple new "experimental" builds to the game's store page for download (currently Win64 and Linux64). Gameplay-wise these are identical to the normal versions, but they now use the newer LWJGL3 backend instead of LWJGL2. This will hopefully fix some issues people have noticed with the game playing on HiDPI displays. Crossing fingers that it fixes a few other input-related issues as well, but we'll see. If you try them out, please let me know how they work for you! :)

LWJGL3 also requires Java 8, so those builds are also bundled with a newer version of OpenJDK (using Azul Zulu).

Still also need to make a macOS version to test out at some point.

Going forward

I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to go with LWJGL3 just yet. Having it solve high-res display issues is a big win, but there's also a few minor inconveniences on my end that I need to work around. LWJGL3 also doesn't support 32-bit Linux, so if I go this route, MewnBase will also need to drop support for 32-bit Linux.

Java version issues

There has been several users reporting launch-crashes with the game that seem to be related to the bundled version of Java. I'm still no closer to knowing why exactly this is happening. But will keep exploring.


I paused my Crowdin subscription the other month, since localization updates were slowing down a bit, and I wasn't adding too many new strings to the game. Granted, there are definitely plenty of strings that need to be fixed and updated in the latest version, but I'm going to hold off on re-activating Crowdin at least until October and then try and make a bigger push to update strings this fall. I'll announce when it's back online and available.

New Price

And finally, the game's price as of today is now $5.00 USD - where it'll probably stay until the game is closer to being "done" (whatever that means ^_^).

- Steve / @Cairn4


mewnbase-win64-experimental.zip 59 MB
Sep 08, 2017
mewnbase-linux64-experimental.zip 59 MB
Sep 08, 2017

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So far on my mac the game runs pretty fine. Only when I die in game for some reason Items i might have put in storage before last save doubles in my inventory

Does this issue still happen on the latest version (0.39)? Will definitely look into it.  Cheers!